Goals of the Meduza and their implementation

Expedition 2016 – goals

Jan Sirotek -expedition leader

Goals of the expedition Meduza 2016 was evaluated:

  1. diving in 4th siphon and exploration of sections behind the siphons – Czech side
  2. exploration of chimneys before 1st siphon – Polish side
  3. finishing the mapping of the known parts of cave (Pomeranian Put) – together
  4. surface exploration in the area of the Great Collapse – Polish side

Realization of the goals

Adam Pyka – leader of the Polish side of the expedition

The difficulties touching the expedition members are growing year by year. Ever-increasing amount of equipment require more actively involved “porters”. Planned exploration of chimneys in the area of the 1st siphon will require well-prepared several days camping in a cave. Surface exploration in the hot sunlight of Montenegro’s plateau and completion mapping of the known cave parts is a job for the patient, conscientious and determined persons.

Considering experiences of the past expeditions, as in previous years, we identified several independently operating teams:

  • team of divers-explorers – their place of actions are parts behind the siphons and their goal is to discover next area of the cave, located behind the 4th siphon.
  • team of climbers-explorers – an extremely difficult and dangerous underground hook climbing is their specialty. They will primarily give their attention to two chimneys selected year earlier, which hold promise for further discoveries.
  • team of cartographers – will measure the known and not yet fully documented parts of the cave, mainly in the area of the Pomeranian Put.
  • team of special tasks – the main task is to pick holes in the whole, which is the surface exploration over the Great Collapse in the main course of cave. Nevertheless, they will be useful also in other, unexpected twists and turns …

As the most important task – exploration behind the siphons – is the hardest and most dangerous and diving equipment necessary for its realization is heavy and unwieldy, all participants of the expedition will take part in its transportation to the cave.

Schedule of the Meduza 2016 expedition:

  • 20. 08 (Sat) – departure from Wroclaw
  • 21. 08 (Sun) – passing by Serbia
  • 22. 08 (Mon) – arrival to Montenegro, arranging base on Plateau Đalovića
  • 23. 08 (Tues.) – rigging of the cave, transportation of the necessary equipment
  • 24. 08 (Wed) – work in teams
  • 25. 08 (Thurs.) – surface exploration, arrival of Czechs

The divers team:

  • 26. 08 (Fri) – divers reach camping before the 1st siphon.
  • 27. 08 (Sat) – diving across 1st and 2nd siphon, transportation of equipment to camping in the Hall of Big-Brother, camping
  • 28. 08 (Sun) – transport of equipment before 3rd siphon, camping
  • 29. 08 (Mon) – overcoming 3rd siphon, an attempt to dive across the 4rd siphon, camping
  • 30. 08 (Tues.) – exploration of parts behind the 4rd siphon, transport of equipment to camping, camping
  • 31. 08 (Wed) – return from behind the siphons, divers come out of the cave

Individual teams:

  • 26. 08 (Fri) – diving equipment transportation to the cave
  • 27. 08 (Sat) – rest, surface exploration
  • 28. 08 (Sun) – work in teams
  • 29. 08 (Mon) – work in teams
  • 30. 08 (Tues.) – work in teams
  • 31. 08 (Wed) – diving equipment transportation out of the cave


  • 01. 09 (Thurs.) – remaining equipment transportation from the cave, evening goodbye party
  • 02. 09 (Fri) – base packing, departure from Đalovića
  • 03. 09 (Sat) – passing by Serbia
  • 04. 09 (Sun) – arrival to Wroclaw

Success of the expedition

Olek Ramut- man of the special tasks

The success of the expedition will bring tangible benefits both science and general public. Cartographic data allow to draw broader conclusions about the geological structure of Plateau Đalovića and support the development of the karst phenomena theory. New discoveries behind the siphons expand our knowledge about this cave, its genesis and dripstone formations. Captured photos in addition to the documentary feature, also provide aspect of art – will be presented at a series of thematic exhibitions and lectures.

We encourage you to support our initiative. Any help will allow us to develop our passions which focus on undiscovered “eighth continent”, that are the caves!