News – Meduza Caving Expedition


Yesterday was fixed basic measuring instrument of the cartographers team – DistoX, which was bravely resisted for the cave mud for almost 8 years! By replacing one small element of the instrument, it again goes with us to Montenegro!



During last weekend, in reduced group (greetings to students who still have a session! 🙂 ) we visited our Czech colleagues in the Moravský Kras. Daytime we worked in the cave and tested various devices, and the evening we spent on determining the details of the expedition and reviewing some of equipements. A few key issues have been established. We work on!


We are happy to announce that to the group of our official sponsors joined the company Ale Raj from Wroclaw, offering a delicious tea and coffee, aromatic spices and delicacies from around the world. Above all delicacies will constitute our strong “layette” during the entire expedition. After all, a handful of nuts, a few dates or candied kiwi are excellent and valuable snack on a forest road, mountain trails or corridors in Montenegrin cave.
A more accurate list of products we will certainly present as soon as we receive the shipment. But it will be only a few days before the expedition – everything will be absolutely fresh, fragrant and delicious!

Thank you for your support and enjoy your shopping at



Today was a premiere of a unique jewelry in company Siju, which prepared a special caving-earrings! 🙂 That silver earrings are in the shape of bats – exactly the same as in our logo!

What else… Well, from each pair costing only 9.99PLN, the amount of 4PLN credited our expedition budget! And this 4PLN is for example:

  • about 1 liter of fuel
  • 2 expansion HSA anchor
  • half meter of a rope

Thank you for your support and enjoy your shopping at auction


Regional Museum in Swiebodzin wrote about us on their official fanpage!

Post available HERE.

We would like to thank for the media support!


Here it is – our new logo of Meduza Caving Expedition 2016!

It is high time to focus with increased strength on the organization of this year’s expedition.


Soon we will present our new logo! Meanwhile, we present theme that appears on it.