For sponsors

If you or your company are able to help us in the realization of the expedition Meduza please see what we can offer to your site:

  • The title of the official expedition sponsor.
  • The reviews of the received equipment  under the conditions of a real speleological expedition.
  • The advertising images of the received equipment done during the expedition.
  • A photo session of the products soon after the delivery. Photos will be taken in a private photo studio of one of the participants of our expedition.
  • Your linked logo on the expedition’s website and on the expedition social network profile.
  • Product or brand placement on the expedition social network profile.
  • Image ads on expedition cars.
We’re open to other propositions

To see the details or to offer please contact with us at:

spelomeduza .!.

phone: +48 669 456 970

Maciej Fryń – coordinator of marketing activities