The needs of the expedition

Each cave expedition needs enormity of equipment without which passing through the cave and its exploration would not be possible. Extremely difficult environmental conditions, the ubiquitous mud, water and dust make that part of the equipment very quickly consumed. Therefore, we ask you to support the expedition especially in the form of equipment.

Equipment without the expedition certainly will not take place are:

  • 400m of caving rope – we have to regularly replace the rope, which unfortunately quite quickly consumes. In the caves we only use semi-static ropes with the diameter from 9 to10.5 mm. Our security depends on them!
  • 60m of single-core climbing rope – we plan to climb several chimneys, trying to bypass the collapse in the main corridor and go behind it – we are sure that there must be a huge corridor!
  • 50pcs of the rifles – we have to replace the rusty equipment.
  • 200pcs of the anchors type HSA – anchor is a disposable thing, once stuck cannot be recover
  • 50pcs of the badges – they allow for the rifles attachment, a heavy load causes that they deform frequently and need to be replacement.
  • caving bags – they carry all the caving equipment both for diving and camping. In the tight spaces they are exposed to abrasion, and they are subject to wear

In particular, we also need the individual equipment:

  • thermoactive clothes for camping in the cave – especially warmer, wool or wool-polymer t-shirts. Any kind of cloth will be useful for us, ranging from socks to hats and gloves.
  • gloves reinforced with rubber –during the whole-day cave action we use one pair by day…
  • rubber boots – the best caving boots – waterproof and adhesive!
  • SRT equipment
  • caving harnesses

Each of cavers likes something good to eat, so we are also necessary:

  • gas cartouches – for cooking
  • canned food, military rations, biscuits, etc., to have something to eat 😉

Because we plan to stay in a cave for a few days without any break, we need a sizeable electricity supply for the drills, wireless radio, cameras and headlamp. We need to be complement our resources by:

  • 2pcs of the ~ 10W photovoltaic panels – to power the radio relay above the cave.
  • 2pcs of the gel batteries 12V / 3Ah minimum – necessary to provide the through-the-earth radio connectivity between a group of divers, the rest of cavers and the base at any given time (security issues!). The relay above the cave and radio on the base must be constantly involved in the listening mode and for that we need more powerful batteries and photovoltaic panels.
  • 48pcs of the AA batteries and 120pcs of the AAA batteries to power the headlamp lights for the members of the expedition.
  • 10pcs of the 18650 re-charegable cells – as above, to be able to stay out longer in the cave with the light 🙂
  • 10pcs of the AA re-charegable cells and a charger powered from 12V – for a radio communication device

We also have a list of things so expensive that certainly we dont’t have enough money to buy them but, if possible, we would like to borrow them from you:

  • extension cord of about 50m – we have 100m long cable but last year it was insufficient and we had to charge the equipment “under a cloud”.
  • lighting equipment, in particular headlamps – you never have them too much because as you know in a cave there is a darkness 😉
  • power generator – we’re not sure whether this year it will be possible to use the mains network
  • photographic equipment: tripods, flashlights and a good lenses will definitely be useful. We’re sure that in our hands they will be as safe as during the Sunday park trip!
  • cordless hammer driller + rock drill dia. 8. Last year two of them broke down and we don’t know if we can fix them on time.

The expedition of course will not even move from Poland without… the fuel… which a pretty good amount is need. The money for this purpose we plan to acquire from the sale of the limited earrings edition, available through auction platform

If you can help us please see what we can offer to you and your company:


Thank You very much for Your support!

We invite you to cooperate and support the expedition. We are pleased to answer any questions, we encourage you to put forward your own proposals.

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